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World-renowned commercial city Dubai.
We support taking the first step to seize opportunities.


Representative Director:

It’s been nearly 10 years since I came to Dubai. This is a wonderful place to live. With its beautiful sea and resorts, Dubai, where many world-class things are made, is full of excitement. It is structured to attract the wealthy and may be at the heart of capitalism. Visas are renewed every two years, making it difficult to establish a business. Recently, not only China but also Korea has entered the market, and Korean products are increasing, but Japanese products are not increasing at all. We have finally found a solution to this problem. We will provide one-stop services from government registration to import, sales, and warehouse management. Taking the first step with courage is essential to seizing opportunities. Dubai is one of the world’s leading commercial cities and continues to evolve daily, aiming to be the best in the world. By immersing yourself in such a stimulating city, you will undoubtedly gain a new perspective. We will thoroughly support you in taking the first step forward at WORK AND FUN GLOBAL. Why not take a new step with us? Regarding the Middle East, we will support you in all aspects. We will accompany you with full responsibility.