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About us

Why Dubai?

Burj Al Arab

To be a bridge between the world and Japan

For the Middle East and the world.

We will respond to any request for Japanese food, products, services and technology.

For Japanese companies

We handle everything from starting a business in Dubai to expanding sales channels and sales overseas and business support.

About Dubai

It is an image of doing business in Hawaii. It is like Waikiki in Hawaii, where you can do business while being at a resort.

Free Zone


Onshore free zones

Most free zones fall into the Onshore Free Zone category, which allows you to conduct business in other free zones in the UAE, as well as in and outside the UAE.




Offshore free zones

Can be established as an investment company in commercial and residential property in the UAE. Licensing is currently only available in the JAFZA, RAK ICC and Ajman Free zones; business activities can only be carried out outside the UAE and shares in UAE mainland and free zone companies can be acquired.




Business zones where companies can be established in the UAE

There are two types of business zones in the UAE where business entities can be established: mainland and free zones.


Mainland is a business zone for companies that have offices and are registered on the mainland and are permitted to do business with other entities on the UAE mainland, including government companies, as well as with non-UAE entities. Advantages and disadvantages of establishing a company in the Mainland include




Dubai is sunny most of the year and the weather does not dampen your spirits. The sun makes you feel very healthy.


The temperature is getting warmer and warmer, but it's great for sea sports and activities!


Temperatures settle down and it's the best time to enter the season. Great for sea sports and activities.


It's quite hot, and locals cope in different ways, working mornings and evenings and taking the day off. The population is also reduced as families with children leave Dubai for abroad. However, hotels and other services are cheaper, and travel and other activities are financially beneficial.


It gets a bit colder and it is a bit chilly to go in the pools and the sea. There are more clouds and it rains on some days.

Public safety

Very safe. Basically Dubai is open until about 1am, including malls, and there are lots of children. It is hot during the day, so it is open late at night. It is that safe and secure. However, scammers have recently entered the city, so it is advisable to be careful about internet-related matters.


There are schools from many different countries to choose from. They are international, including British and American schools. There is a wide range, including baccalaureate education. The average annual cost is just under 2 million. Of course, Japanese schools are also available.


Dubai is a hub, so if you sell in Dubai, you will naturally be more likely to sell in other countries. Dubai has a 60% Indian population, which makes it easier to reach the world's largest population of 1.5 billion people. There are also 3.8 billion people, half the world's population, within an eight-hour radius. It is hard to imagine because of its distance from Japan, but it is a very important place. There are also many advantages, such as the lack of Japanese products, which can lead to first mover advantage.


There are only three taxes in Dubai Corporate tax: 9% (from June 2023) only if sales exceed 12 million Consumption tax: 5% (refundable if traveling) Customs duty: 5% (0% if not sold within uae) As there is no inheritance tax or income tax like in Japan, recently there has been an increase in the number of people buying real estate as an inheritance for their children. As there is no inheritance tax or income tax like in Japan, more and more people are buying property as an inheritance for their children these days. If you want to know more, please contact us.